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Download Gurmukhi / Punjabi Fonts

Download Gurmukhi / Punjabi Fonts from here.


GurbaniAkhar type-faces
, (Regular, Light, Slim & Heavy) are a family of Gurmukhi fonts that are optimized for writing text of Sri Guru Granth Sahib in the customary format (i.e.; these fonts fulfill the requirement of writing 19 lines of Gurbani text per page in the landscape page orientation and with a decent font size). Most characters in these fonts have lesser width than the AnmolLipi or AmrLipi family of type faces. This font family is needed to view the Banis for Download, the SikhNet Daily Hukamnama Email, andShabads for Printing pdf versionFont by Kulbir S. Thind.
 ,DOWNLOAD GurbaniAkhar.EXE ,G-Akhar Kmap.doc
Gurbani Web Thick
 – This type face will be needed to view the fonts on the SikhiToTheMax search engine. 
DOWNLOAD GurbaniWebThick.ttf
 see example
Prabhki, handwritten calligraphy style with tails, primarily designed as a display font (for use in titles and so on) – Font byAlbel Singh
DOWNLOAD Prabhkii.ttf
 , Learn more about this font
see example
Lanmathe same handwritten style (with the same extended key mappings) but with longer, more decorative tails, primarily designed for use as a display font for use as, say, certificate or book titles or fancy images. Font by Paul Grosse
DOWNLOAD (Windows), DOWNLOAD lanma.tar.bz2 (Unix/Linux)
see example
Raaj, a handwritten style with tails, primarily designed as a display font (for use in titles and so on) – especially the script versions. Each Raaj and Rajaa font is in seven styles: thin, light, normal, bold, black, script-thin and script. Font by Paul Grosse
DOWNLOAD (Windows), DOWNLOAD raaj.tar.bz2 (Unix/Linux)
 see example
Raajaa, the same handwritten style (with the same extended key mappings) but without the tails, primarily designed for use in body text. Each Raaj and Rajaa font is in seven styles: thin, light, normal, bold, black, script-thin and script. Using the same key mappings means that you can change the font from Raaj to raajaa without having to re-work any special sequences you have set; Font by Paul Grosse
DOWNLOAD (Windows), DOWNLOAD raajaa.tar.bz2 (Unix/Linux)
  see example
Magaz, A clean, stylized, legible, font, designed to work down to really small sizes if required but keeping a consistent size and clean appearance as large as you like; The Magaz font is in five weights: thin, light, normal, bold and black. They are fully hinted and because of colour-balancing, the bold font will work at very small pixel sizes (clear at 9 px em size) like so . . . Magaz font legible at very small sizes Font by Paul Grosse
DOWNLOAD (Windows), DOWNLOAD magaz.tar.bz2 (Unix/Linux)
   see example
Karmic Sanj, A clean, informal, font, designed to be a Gurmukhi mirror for the ComicSansMS font that you see just about everywhere; The Karmic Sanj font has seven weights: thin, light, book, medium, bold, heavy and black.Font by Paul Grosse
DOWNLOAD (Windows), DOWNLOAD karmic.tar.bz2 (Unix/Linux)
 see example
Bulara, A clean, legible, font, designed to work as a display font. Comes in various bold styles as well as true, hollow styles which, unlike many other hollow or outline fonts, has endcaps; Font by Paul Grosse
DOWNLOAD (Windows), DOWNLOAD bulara.tar.bz2 (Unix/Linux)
 see example
GHW Adhiapak, This is a real-life Gurmukhi handwritten font. It is still highly legible as it keeps largely to the Gurbani style of character production – the sort of style that your teacher would use. However, on the other hand, it turns your machine-produced-looking text into something that a real person would have written, capturing the energy and flow of the writing.
It appears in 9 different weights from Thin to Black.;
 Font by Paul Grosse
DOWNLOAD (Windows), DOWNLOAD ghw-adhiapak.tar.bz2 (Unix/Linux)
 see example
GHW Dukandar, an informal font, designed to look like Punjabi shorthand, for example the kind of handwriting that a shop keeper (dukandar) in Punjab might use. Comes in regular and bold, marker, and marker bold; Font by Paul Grosse
DOWNLOAD (Windows), DOWNLOAD ghw-dukandar.tar.bz2 (Unix/Linux)
 see example
Punjabi Typewriter, A monospaced, font, designed to represent the output of a typewriter. At 10 points, this gives 80 characters across on A4 paper with a reasonable border. Font by Paul Grosse.
DOWNLOAD (Windows), DOWNLOAD puntype.tar.bz2 (Unix/Linux) 
 see example
Rupe, Primarily designed as a display font, although it has the legibility of a body text font as well, this highly stylised font takes the efficiency of GHW Dukandar – eliminating any part of a character that does not help to differentiate it from other characters (such as between ਮ and ਸ) but with the overriding requirement that it is still legible with as little effort as possible –and formalises it into a clean, consistent font. Font by Paul Grosse.
DOWNLOAD (Windows), DOWNLOAD rupe.tar.bz2 (Unix/Linux) 
 see example
Gurvetica A, a highly legible font, designed to work extremely well both in display and body text. Attention has been paid to differentiating between vowels so that people with less than perfect vision can read smaller point sizes better – thus making reading newspapers, books and leaflets easier to read. Font by Paul Grosse.
DOWNLOAD (Windows), DOWNLOAD grvta.tar.bz2 (Unix/Linux)
Do I want ‘Gurvetica‘ or ‘Gurvetica A’?
Web Akhar Th
ickwill be needed to view the online Siri Guru Granth Sahib and Shabads for Printing html version on SikhNet.
DOWNLOAD WebAkharThick.ttf
Web Akhar Slim
, is the slim version of the above font. Required for viewing the Hukamnama on the SGPC website. 
DOWNLOAD WebAkharSlim.ttf
, a Hindi font that is optimized for writing Gurbani in Hindi. Font by Kulbir S. Thind.
DOWNLOAD Gurhindi.ttf , Hindi Keymap.doc
 a font optimized for romanizing Gurbani (& Gurmukhi).
DOWNLOAD Gurrom.ttf.
AnmolLipi type-faces
, (Regular, Light, Slim, Bold, Thick, Raised, Ubhri, Kalmi) are a family of Gurmukhi fonts with variations in display that are suitable for writing modern Punjabi where international numbers are used as a routine. Classic Gurmukhi number characters are also included as symbols. Font by Kulbir S. Thind.
DOWNLOAD , DOWNLOAD AnmolLipi.EXE , Anmol Keymap.doc , Anmol Keymap2.doc
AmrLipi type-faces
, (AmrLipi, AmrLipiLight, AmrLipiSlim) are a family of Gurmukhi fonts with variations in display that are suitable for writing Punjabi where classic Gurmukhi numbers are used as a routine. Font by Kulbir S. Thind.
DOWNLOAD , DOWNLOAD AmrLipi.EXE , Amrlipi Keymap.doc , Amrlipi Keymap2.doc
GurbaniLipi & GurbaniLipiLight
, along with their bold versions are a family of Gurmukhi fonts with variations in thickness that are optimized for writing text of Shree Guru Granth Sahib in the customary format. Font by Kulbir S. Thind.
DOWNLOAD Gurblipi.ttf , DOWNLOAD Gurbli_l.ttf , GLipi Kymap1.doc , Amrlipi Keymap2.doc
Web Lipi Heavy,
 is another font thay may be used by some websites. 
DOWNLOAD WebLipiHeavy.ttf.



All fonts available here use this key map


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